BMW Motor from cardboard – bewitching video assembly

BMW Motor from cardboard – bewitching video assembly

May 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On YouTube, a video is published in which an enthusiastic craftsman creates a full-size copy of the BMW M10 engine from cardboard. The whole process took him a year!

The first question that many readers will ask after watching this video: “How can you spend a year of life on such a meaningless, in fact, thing ?!”. The answer lies in the field of neurophysiology and neuropsychology: there are people with a special, clearly expressed constructive type of thinking, which this sort of leisure can absorb completely, and they do not need anything else, they get a huge buzz from him. In general, to each his own, be lenient, dear reader.

The cardboard engine, of course, is impressive: the author has recreated from the paper the smallest details, down to all the studs and bolts, the timing chain and valve springs. Moreover, the model has movable elements: the crankshaft rotates, the pistons go up and down. In manual mode, of course, and with a small speed.

Why M10? Probably because it is, firstly, one of the most legendary BMW engines of the second half of the 20th century (one of its modifications, in particular, stood under the hood of the cult coupe of 2002 Turbo), and secondly, it has only four cylinders – to create a model of the engine V12 would take much more time and paper.