BMW may release an electric motorcycle in five years

BMW may release an electric motorcycle in five years

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In recent years, electrification has reached not only cars, but the electric motorcycle segment has also begun to develop rapidly. BMW is also included in this race.

Fully electric motorcycles are becoming more common. However, BMW Motorrad seems in no hurry to bring its own electric bikes to the market. BMW Motorrad CEO Dr. Marcus Schramm said electric bikes can make sense in urban environments, but careful work on the new model is required.

“As the Vision DC Roadster concept shows, we are considering the possibility of producing an electric bike,” he said. “It is possible that in five years there will be an electric BMW motorcycle. Nevertheless, we are not yet ready to offer a solution in the segments of tours, SUVs and sports. ”

 The BMW Vision DC Roadster was introduced at #NEXTGen in June 2019. power transmission through the rear wheel is a cylindrical electric motor. The design of the motorcycle is different from the rest of the company’s line, and it is known that the serial version of this concept will never appear.

“I am convinced that a motorcycle as a product is becoming more and more important – not for travel to work, but for relaxation,” added Schramm.