BMW M5 power increased to 850 horsepower

BMW M5 power increased to 850 horsepower

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The chic BMW M5 has acquired a set of improvements, which makes it possible to increase productivity to 850 hp.

It is worth mentioning that the debut of the BMW M5 F90 took place the year before last. The machine has an AWD system and a 617-horsepower V8 F90 engine with a double turbine. But the tuners decided not to stop at these indicators, and they added another 230 hp. power.

  Experts emphasized that this high-performance BMW M5 can develop up to 85% of the performance of the iconic Buggati Veryon with a return of 1000 hp. At the same time, the German sedan will cost only a tenth of the price of Veryon. This M5 is one of the most powerful cars in terms of performance and cost.

 Cars with a factory turbocharger often get only 10 to 20% power boost. But tuners can easily unlock the full potential of these machines.

Atelier Noelle boosted the V8 BMW M5 F90, which can now show impressive performance. It should also be emphasized that the tuners provide a guarantee for modernized cars. In addition, the warranty also applies to the transmission, as Noelle has no doubt that the additional 230 forces will not affect it negatively.

In addition, recently on the Internet there were photos of the updated BMW M3 2021 model year.