BMW M4 with the manual gearbox will remain as long as possible

BMW M4 with the manual gearbox will remain as long as possible

December 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian BMW, under pressure from the market and technological progress, is gradually refusing to use manual transmission on its sports cars, and the current version of the M4 will remain with manual transmission only until a generation change.

One of the biggest mysteries of the modern automotive market is whether the BMW M3 will remain with the option of installing a manual transmission, or will become a model only with an automatic transmission. In all likelihood, it remains to wait only a couple of months to find out, but there is also good news for manual control fans – BMW will leave the manual transmission on the M4 as long as possible.

“To be honest, a clean engineering answer: you are much faster with shift paddles and an automatic transmission,” said BMW board member and head of development Klaus Frolich at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018. “Automatic transmissions are very accurate and sporty, especially on the track. You control the car much better when you do not remove one hand from the steering wheel to switch the stage. I think in the near future, manual transmission will disappear. But the M4 must remain true to tradition, so the last manual gearbox that will die must die in the M4 as late as possible. It’s my opinion “.

This raises a natural question – how long will this go on? No one can say for sure, but Frolich promises that today’s successor M4 will be offered with a manual transmission as an option.