BMW M4 will officially take part in the drift series

BMW M4 will officially take part in the drift series

June 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

BMW M revealed the design of the BMW M4 from the Driftbrothers Drift Team. It should be noted that the car looks just stunning.

A couple of months ago, BMW M announced that it would formally join the Red Bull Drift Brothers Drift Team for the first time. The team that BMW M plans to support will go sideways in a specially modified BMW M4 Competition. The first promotional video already featured a 3D model of a specially adapted car, and now BMW M CEO Markus Flush has shown the finished model design in a series of sketches posted on Instagram.

The first sketch shows a more “airy” front fascia compared to the standard model, a massive splitter, as well as widened fenders, differently designed front air intakes and a ventilated hood. In addition, the drift car gets a massive rear diffuser without tailpipes, which are embedded in the louvered rear window. This setup is unlikely to help aerodynamically, it will definitely help create a low pressure zone at the rear of the car.

To cool the engine, which is still in the front, drifters typically install additional radiators in an unused trunk. The video, which announces the partnership, highlights some of the radical innovations the team is striving to bring to this department, so we look forward to seeing what the design actually turns out to be. Fortunately, the wait is short, as the opening is scheduled for tomorrow.