BMW M4 CSL sports coupe to debut in early 2022

BMW M4 CSL sports coupe to debut in early 2022

February 12, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

As with the BMW M3 CSL, which debuted before the M4 CSL, production will be extremely limited. Insiders say production will begin in mid-2022, which means the debut will take place around the beginning of next year.

It’s been quite a while since BMW included the Sport Leichtbau coupe in its lineup, given that the last CSL came out ten years before the 3 Series coupe made its way into the 4 Series family. The 2004 M3 CSL Coupe was followed by the M4 GTS in late 2015, which took a similar approach, reducing weight and increasing power. In 2018, the Bavarians announced plans to abandon the GTS prefix and return CSL to its place.

Now it looks like CSL is finally making a comeback. According to a BMW insider familiar with the company’s plans, the M4 CSL will be released next year. The author claims that assembly of the hardcore coupe will begin in July 2022, which will be “a very short production cycle.” It is unclear how many units will be built, but there is a possibility that this figure will not exceed a thousand.

If the M4 CSL lives up to its badge, it would be most reasonable to use a rear-wheel drive version with a manual transmission as the basis. The lightest M4 of the current generation with a full tank of gasoline (but without a driver) weighs 1,674 kilograms, which makes it about 34 kg heavier than the previous generation M4 Competition with DCT.

By comparison, the original M3 E30 was about 500kg lighter when it debuted in the second half of the 1980s. Of course, its modern equivalent compensates for the increase in weight with about 2.5 times the power, while being significantly safer, more practical and technologically advanced. It is unclear how much weight the M4 CSL is going to shed thanks to its heavy use of carbon fiber, but recall that the M3 CSL is 110 kilograms down from the regular M3 available in the E46 generation.