BMW M4 Coupe received a wide-body kit

BMW M4 Coupe received a wide-body kit

March 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A wide-body aerodynamic body kit has been developed for the “charged” BMW M4 coupe 2021 model year. The creators of the body kit – Avante Design company say that the width of the car will increase by 18 cm.

Various tuning studios are not wasting their time, as they are already preparing a number of non-standard parts for the recently presented BMW M3 and M4. Avante Design decided to focus on the latter, developing an all-wide-body “package” to give the Bavarian coupe a much more aggressive look. The huge front grille remained in place.

While these are just computer-generated renders so far, Avante Design says the body kit is almost complete and the widebody package will be released in limited numbers.

Three variants of this body kit will be available, the most “fierce” of which will make the M4 almost 18 centimeters wider than usual.

In addition to increased width and improved aerodynamics, the reinforced coupe also gets a different bonnet with double vents and a bulge. The more aggressive front end design makes the radiator grille look smaller.

Other upgrades include a set of large side vents on the front fenders along with a fixed rear wing. Both the front and rear bumpers boast enlarged air intakes, and while the sports coupe may now look a little wild, it still largely retains the factory BMW M4 formula. There is also an external central exhaust system with a pair of twin tailpipes in the style of Lexus sports cars.