BMW M3 looks impressive with a fully chrome body

BMW M3 looks impressive with a fully chrome body

March 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The DipYourCar YouTube channel demonstrates the process of applying chrome paint to the body of a “charged” BMW M3.

Unsurprisingly, modern technology has revolutionized the world of automotive paint. Regardless of whether you want a complete repainting of the body of your car, repainting by dipping the body panels in a special paint or wrapping it in film, the possibilities to give your car an individual look are almost endless.

The DipYourCar YouTube channel shows you what to expect from a chrome peel paint finish.

It would be an oversight not to mention that these types of body paint that have a mirror effect have a bad reputation in the automotive community. The fact is that on a sunny day, the body of such a car will dazzle other cars in the stream with reflected sunlight.

For this particular paint scheme, the intensity and purity of the chrome is highly dependent on the quality of the base coat. After the first coat has been applied, it can be sanded and polished to achieve the mirror quality you expect from chrome. The painting process of the BMW M3 used in the video begins with a layer of black auto-flex at the hall level, which is then coated with a special chrome pigment.

The presenter of the video reports that there is a special clear lacquer that can be used with the chrome finish – it acts as a protective coating.

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