BMW M3 CS vs Audi RS4 Avant

BMW M3 CS vs Audi RS4 Avant

August 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the cars have more or less the same power (460 forces in the M3 CS versus 450 in the Audi), the transmissions and drives are different: a seven-speed two-disk robotic transmission and rear driving wheels at BMW against the eight-speed automatic transmission and full drive from Audi. The configuration of the engines is also different: a three-liter three-liter “six” in BMW against a V-shaped motor from Audi, which is borrowed from the Porsche Panamera. The acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is claimed at 3.9 seconds from the Bavarian and 4.1 seconds from the representative of Stuttgart.

Judging by the video, despite the more impressive characteristics, at the start from the seat of the BMW M3 CS there is no chance against the Audi RS4 Avant: the Bavarian in the first gear can not catch on the road as it does the all-wheel drive Audi RS4 Avant. Even launch control does not save him, although at the finish of the BMW M3 CS loses an instant to the opponent: Audi pass for 12,1-12,2 seconds.

When the “roll” arrives, everything changes: in the second gear the BMW M3 CS clings to the road surface, then immediately leaves the station wagon, which experiences power losses due to the all-wheel drive transmission. Affects and its higher weight – 1,790 kilograms against 1585 in the BMW M3 CS.

In the UK, the Audi RS4 Avant is sold at a price of £ 62,175 versus £ 84,400, which you must pay for the keys to the BMW M3 CS.