BMW M2 Competition vs the new M8

BMW M2 Competition vs the new M8

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The YouTube channel carwow team compared the acceleration and braking performance of the BMW two-door coupe – track-oriented M2 Competition and the flagship version of the M8 Competition. By tradition, bloggers conducted a parallel drag at a distance of 402 meters, compared acceleration from 80 kilometers per hour and braking from 113 kilometers per hour.

The BMW M2 Competition is equipped with an in-line three-liter “biturbo six” with a capacity of 410 horsepower and a torque of 550 Nm. The rear-wheel drive coupe, transmission – a preselective 7-speed “robot”.

BMW positions the M8 Competition as a supercar. Under the hood, a 625-horsepower (750 Nm) V8 with a volume of 4.4 liters, the drive is full, the transmission is an 8-dipzone automatic.

The races on the race track were carried out on wet asphalt, so that when starting from a place, the advantage of all-wheel drive was undeniable, and for the purity of the experiment, the second M8 race was carried out with the front axle disabled.

In the starts, the advantages in speed of the “robot” M2 were shown in comparison with the “automatic” M8, and the brake performance was the benefit of the “two” – even the optional carbon-ceramic disks did not help the heavy flagship.