BMW M unveils four new designs for the BMX M4 GT4 sports car

BMW M unveils four new designs for the BMX M4 GT4 sports car

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has published the results of the competition for the best design for the BMW M4 GT4 racing car.

BMW recently announced a design competition for the BMW M4 GT4 Race Car. The competition was attended by 30 designers, of whom the automaker chose four. Interestingly, the competition was held within all BMW offices. Thus, the winners reside in Germany, Britain and the United States.

The first winner was Julia Quentin from BMW Motorrad, Munich. Her car design was inspired by motorcycles. Julia’s main technique was the use of large geometric shapes that accentuate the number “04”. She says that the viewer must first see the drawing, and only then focus on the shape of the machine.

The second winner was Simon Haynes of Rolls-Royce Design, Goodwood. The man decided to revive and reimagine the legendary BMW Racing team paint scheme from the 1970s. The car has a transitional color that changes from black at the front to red at the rear. According to the author, this gives the car a swiftness.

Another winner was Wesselka Mandova-Mayer of Designworks, Los Angeles. This Bulgarian-born designer took the BMW M brand colors as a basis and focused on the base number “04”. Her car is kind of divided into four parts using colors.

The latest winner was Li Tianyuan of BMW i Design Munich. Calligraphy and Chinese painting became his main sources of inspiration. On the body of the car, he placed two goldfish, which symbolize perfection and happiness. They float around the driver, and the number 04 is engraved on the car as a traditional Chinese calligraphic sign.