BMW M plans to electrify each model

BMW M plans to electrify each model

July 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Now the question is only when the leadership of the sports division of the Bavarian automaker decides to begin electrification of its model range.

It’s hardly possible to find a person who does not know that those BMW cars of the Bavarian automaker, which are proud to wear the nameplate M, are high-performance versions of the company’s usual models. A couple of hours ago, there was information that the current CEO of BMW M Frank Van Meel believes that the front-wheel drive layout, which at the moment is the standard for the company, is not entirely suitable for making it a full-fledged charged car , worthy of the label of BMW M. Now it became known that the sports unit is waiting for much more serious changes.

Speaking at a special event dedicated to the launch of sales of the new generation of the “charged” M5 business sedan in Spain, Mr. Van Meel said that “all models from the BMW M will be electrified by the end of the next decade.”

“Electrification will occur in stages. An important issue is the issue of timing. The key problem for us, as for the sports division is the ability to provide the ideal combination of the total weight of the car to its capacity, ” – added Van Meel.

We believe that the next decade will be the best time to electrify the entire BMW range. The Bavarian brand BMW is moving towards electrification, by 2025, from 15 to 25% of the entire line of the brand will have electrical versions.

Mr. Van Meel separately noted that he is not afraid of detractors when it comes to electrification. Its main task is to transfer the branded DNA of the sports unit to electrified models – to teach them how to ride as all BMW M. models do. As he put it, by and large he does not care whether the M3 will “eat” from a gasoline power plant or an electric motor. All he wants is to have an M3 that rides like a real M3.

Not so long ago, we wrote about the fact that BMW M believes that the front-wheel drive is no longer needed by anyone.