BMW M family revealed in small details

BMW M family revealed in small details

January 24, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A series of interesting videos about the BMW M family was released. The manufacturer told and showed how he continues to perfect the ideal car for driving.

Many car owners have never thought about how the small parts of their car were developed.

BMW decided to organize a kind of educational program and released a series of videos tingling the research and development needed to produce the new M3 and M4 models. The latest editions show wheels and chairs.

The new M models have two seat options – the M Sport and M Carbon bucket seats.

The first type gets a stiffer lining. At the same time, the seats have become lighter by five kilograms, while retaining the possibility of individual adjustment. The engineers created a universal contour for the back of the chair – in this they were helped by the advice of the subjects. As a result, the brand is ready to offer customers the optimal balance of quality and reliable support.

The wheels turned out to be light, effective and, most importantly, with optimal characteristics. From current models, the novelties will borrow the recognizable cross-spoke design.

It will be slightly retouched to keep the wheels from knocking out the new slightly angular aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the photo showed the updated BMW M5 sedan. It is worth noting that the car is able to impress not only with its powerful technical characteristics, but also with its very beautiful appearance.