BMW iX3 introduced at the Guangzhou Auto Show

BMW iX3 introduced at the Guangzhou Auto Show

November 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric BMW iX3 debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The model will be available starting at 469,900 yuan.

Today, November 20, at the Guangzhou Motor Show, the BMW Group officially unveiled the most attractive model of the Year of the New Energy Car, the innovative all-electric BMW iX3. The iX3 was presented in two top-end trims, priced at 469,900 yuan and 509,900 yuan.

The flagship models come standard with a host of high-value features such as the highly efficient fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology and Pro Automatic Driving Assistance, which includes intelligent personal assistants and automatic parking assistance systems. The BMW iX3 will also receive a range of upgrades, including digital keys, Automatic Parking Assist Plus, a full-color head-up display, a convenient entry system and 20-inch aerodynamic wheels.

The new vehicle comes standard with an automatic driving assistance system Pro. In D mode, the car gains an idle function, making it easier to start the car for customers who are accustomed to the petrol driving style. In B mode, High Intensity Energy Recovery can help the vehicle slow down to a standstill. In most cases, speed can be controlled by depressing and releasing the accelerator pedal.

The BMW iX3 can also be equipped with a full range of automatic parking assistance functions, including automatic parking, BMW recorder, reversing assistance and remote 3D display of the parking space.

The all-electric BMW iX3 allows third-party applications to be integrated into the vehicle’s multimedia. Drivers and passengers can listen to their favorite music, books and watch videos. Tencent’s small crossover platform provides entertainment and navigation services to customers, and with the Tmall Genie voice assistant, car owners will be able to access smart network services including search, news, smart home, shopping and food delivery.

The new model also features new generation BMW digital keys that can be used to start the car using a smartphone. The seventh generation BMW iDrive human-computer interaction system uses a 10.25-inch floating touchscreen LCD and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. With the latest version of the Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW drivers and passengers can use voice commands to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, open and close windows and find nearby restaurants. They can also easily set reminders and reminders.

The BMW iX3 is a luxury, electric luxury city car that offers class-leading range of 500 km and low energy consumption of 16.7 kWh / 100 km. The electric BMW iX3 is equipped with two charging ports, fast charger and home charging. DC charging can take a maximum charging power of 100 kilowatts, and it takes only 45 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%. When the maximum AC charging power is 11 kilowatts, a full charge takes 7.5 hours.