BMW is working on the creation of crossovers X6 and X7, powered by hydrogen

BMW is working on the creation of crossovers X6 and X7, powered by hydrogen

January 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW Research and Development Manager Klaus Fröhlich announced that the German manufacturer will ultimately offer versions of its popular X6 and X7 crossovers with hydrogen-powered electric engines.

Speaking with Auto News Europe reporters on a wide range of issues, and in particular on the electrification of the company’s lineup, Mr. Froelich said that the latest fuel cell technologies that BMW is developing with Toyota have a very good business case.

 According to him, a fuel cell propulsion system is about 10 times more expensive than an electric motor with a pair of batteries (BEV). “We plan to significantly reduce the cost of developing a fuel cell installation by 2025,” he said.

 In the near future, BMW will launch a “pilot production” of second-generation fuel cell vehicles, including the aforementioned X6 and X7 crossovers – their production should begin soon.

 Frelich believes that the current timeline for the development of engines that run on fuel cells means that automakers can find the most suitable solution for cars by 2025. ” The company also believes that fuel cells will be very important for light and heavy trucks.

 “We see fuel cells as a viable solution for light and heavy trucks, whose motors face very stringent requirements to reduce CO2 emissions. Now they are using very efficient diesel engines, so the next step can only be electrification. But you cannot electrify a heavy truck by adding batteries to it, because reducing the payload from 6 tons to 7 tons is absolute bullshit, ”he said. “Plus, with one recharge station, you can refuel a fleet of 100 light hydrogen trucks in one night.”