BMW is working on innovative road recognition technology

BMW is working on innovative road recognition technology

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian specialists are assisted in the work on the new project by Tactile Mobility. Together, they created an advanced system that can identify the type of coating under the wheels of a car.

The new road recognition system from BMW is able to pre-configure the car for certain road conditions.

It will select the right dynamics for perfect grip. This useful technology will be received by the new generation BMWs, which will appear at dealers of the brand in 2021. To recognize the type of road, the “smart” tactile sensing system reads data from special sensors.

The assistant collects the necessary information on all fronts: engine, brakes, wheels, suspension. All this helps to adjust the machine settings for the desired type of coverage.

Another function of the new technology – in the future, it is possible to exchange data between cars, as well as transport and the surrounding infrastructure. For drones, this option would be very useful.

Meanwhile, the Swedish company Volvo has been named a leader in technical innovation. This title was awarded to the brand by the American company J.D. Power, which surveyed US car owners. Experts were interested in what technologies Americans value in their cars and what they don’t.