BMW is testing an updated version of the 5 Series sedan

BMW is testing an updated version of the 5 Series sedan

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A new batch of “spy” images allows us to see an updated version of the Bavarian business-class sedan.

As in the case of the previous set of similar images, we look at the electrified performance of the 5 Series, indicated by the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker on the front doors and the rear bumper of the test prototype. Look closer, and you’ll see the eDrive badge on the back of the rack, as is the case with the current 530e.

How do we know that this is an updated version of a popular car? The headlights have new LED daytime running lights similar to those used in the new generation of the compact 3-Series family, while the rear lights also feature slightly different graphics.

Tiny black rivets on the front bumper mean that the entire bumper is camouflaged with additional panels, including the area around the grille. The question arises – will this part grow in size? Maybe yes.

The blue brake calipers and the M badge hiding under the black ribbon on the front fender show that this is actually the performance of the M Sport with a series of sports upgrades. Extensive camouflage in the back of the prototype makes us think that the bumper will undergo some changes, but not as radical as can be assumed due to tight masking.

We can not see what is happening inside the cabin, although it can be said with confidence that the updated family will receive the latest digital dashboard and iDrive infotainment system. It is known that electrified models 530e with their power of 248 horsepower (420 Nm) will receive the latest technology of battery cells to increase the range of travel, along with the introduction of acoustic protection of pedestrians as standard equipment. The 530e is likely to be replaced by the 545e to reflect the updated powerplant inherited from the 745e large sedan.