BMW is preparing to enter the market X2City electric scooter

BMW is preparing to enter the market X2City electric scooter

February 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The debut of the new Bavarian brand timed to the entry into force of a new law regulating the operation in Germany of this type of transport. It is planned that the new rules will revive this niche and contribute to the growth in demand for new items.

BMW is preparing to present its new electric scooter to the world community, which can accelerate to 20 km / h. The speed can be changed using a special pedal, each pressing of which adds six km / h. A special special unit, located on the steering wheel, allows you to fix the speed in one of the five modes (graduation is carried out in four kilometers).

Sales of new items, called the BMW X2City, will start next Monday, February 4. It is known that the scooter on electric charge was estimated at almost 2.4 thousand euros.

Brand management is confident that the new product will be popular among residents of Germany. In many ways, this will contribute to the new bill, which already this spring will establish new regulations that legalize this kind of transport.

On one charge, the electric scooter can travel up to 30 kilometers. For its performance meets the battery capacity of 408 watts.