BMW is not going to limit the power of its models

BMW is not going to limit the power of its models

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW M Cars will become more powerful over time

The head of the BMW M division said that we should not expect power limitations of the “charged” Bavarian models, since there are no prerequisites for this.

Over the past five years, the global sales volume of BMW M cars has grown by more than 200%: today almost half of Bavarian models are sold with an M nameplate on the trunk lid – whether it be an M-package for the exterior or a “full-fledged” modification like the M3 or M5. As the head of the BMW M division, Markus Flash, said in an interview with WhichСar, the Bavarian emki provides concentrated driving pleasure for which BMW is famous.

And it should in no case be spoiled by hybridization or electrification, which in the future will become inevitable. “Even 10-15 years ago, 625 horsepower in a sedan sounded intimidating,” – says Flash. But today, he assures, you can safely ride an M5 sedan even in winter and keep everything under control. “This is just a matter of power control, and it has always been a hallmark of Emok. So do not expect that we will somehow limit it, ”the head of BMW M. promised.