BMW introduces the concept of an electric motorcycle E-Boxer

BMW introduces the concept of an electric motorcycle E-Boxer

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Three years ago, a special unit of the Bavarian manufacturer demonstrated the concept of an electric motorcycle Vision Next 100. Now, the company presents its latest vision of what an electric motorcycle should be. We present the concept of Vision DC.

BMW has already entered the markets of hybrid and all-electric cars with its I-series, but has not yet done the same in the world of motorcycles. Of course, the Bavarian manufacturer introduced the electric scooter C Evolution about five years ago with fairly decent performance, but the model did not receive much acceptance. The new electric motorcycle is expected to push the company in the right direction.

Vision DC Roadster still looks almost the same as if it had been taken from a science fiction novel than as a ready-made vehicle for starting sales. But now he began to look more like a motorcycle.

We see progress in how the company thinks about electric motorcycles. The design of the Vision central unit is designed to imitate the look of the famous BMW Boxer models.

In the center, instead of two cylinders, there is a battery installed vertically inside the frame, on either side of which are cooling elements designed to reproduce the original Boxer profile. Arches imitate the bends of the gas tank in the absence of actual. Using lines to create illusions that replace familiar components helps create a recognizable silhouette, and also reduces weight.

 In this design, power is transmitted to the rear axle using a shaft that does not require maintenance. The driver sits on a floating saddle, which gives the design a dynamic stand and creates an arrow-like silhouette pointing forward.

 Of course, like the Vision Next 100, the new DC Roadster is just a vision of the future, but BMW seems to have a clearer idea of ​​how it should be.