BMW introduced the iNEXT electric crossover teaser

BMW introduced the iNEXT electric crossover teaser

July 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian premium brand decided to show us the polygonal steering wheel of its brand-new, all-electric iNEXT crossover. Announced as the “technology flagship” of the entire BMW company, the iNEXT crossover will be launched in 2021.

It was at the end of May of this year, when the press service of BMW published photos of the iNEXT crossover salon – we were shown the back of a massive curved display turned towards the driver. Now we are offered to look at a completely new steering wheel of an electric vehicle, which is a departure from analogs that have been presented in all previous models of the automaker.

We have already seen “spy” snapshots of iNEXT prototypes, both inside and out, but they had typical BMW steering wheels, transferred from the compact 3-series or the mid-size X5 crossover.

Ready for production, iNEXT boasts a polygonal steering wheel with a nearly flat rim in the upper and lower parts combined with rounded corners on the sides. BMW explains that they did it not only to release something new, but to make it easier to determine the steering angle based on the position on the wheel compared to a traditional round wheel.

The dual-spoke steering wheel boasts optical fibers built into the side sections that light up when the driver needs to take control of the iNEXT control or when automatic driving functions are available. BMW explains that the flat lower part of the rim is designed to be ergonomic, as it gives the driver more leg room when entering and exiting the car, while providing additional freedom of movement during long trips. This is useful when traveling with active cruise control, which is active for a considerable time, as the driver can bend both legs to avoid fatigue.