BMW introduced the full-size X7 pickup truck

BMW introduced the full-size X7 pickup truck

December 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Created in only one instance, the full-size BMW X7 pickup truck was unveiled at the BMW Welt exhibition.

Mercedes premium brand Mercedes has unveiled its own X-Class pickup truck relatively recently. The car is built on the basis of the Japanese mid-size truck Nissan Navara, and it looks like the future of the model is already a foregone conclusion. Judging by the rumors walking on the Internet, car sales will be discontinued due to rather weak demand. But the Bavarian automaker BMW is adamant about creating its own truck – as the representatives of the ruling “top” of the company have said more than once, in the near future there will definitely not be pickups in the BMW model line. However, the company’s specialists still created pickups – such cars were made in a single copy.

 So, I am glad to present you a pickup truck of the Bavarian brand, which is created from the full-size X7 crossover. The car is shown at the BMW Welt Exhibition Center in Bavaria, which is located near the company headquarters.

As in the official photos of this car, which were published in an official press release back in July this year, the utilitarian car, which was built on the basis of the automaker’s largest crossover, has a powerful F 850 ​​GS motorcycle in a cargo platform.

 Designed over ten months by a dozen enthusiasts of the company, the X7 disposable truck is 10 centimeters longer than the crossover on which it is based, while it has become lighter by 200 kilograms thanks to the expanded use of carbon fiber. When the back door is installed, the loading platform can hold objects up to 140 centimeters long or up to 200 cm if this door is opened.

 The pickup truck, which is based on the X7 xDrive40i version, has received the BMW Individual body color, known as Tanzanite Blue Metallic. It is equipped with a height-adjustable air suspension with two selectable levels to facilitate loading and unloading. Inside the cabin can accommodate up to five people with maximum comfort.

 While BMW and Audi say no to the truck, Hyundai and Kia say yes. Santa Cruz, built in Alabama, will begin production in 2021, and the Kia pickup will be launched in 2022 or 2023. It goes without saying that it would be a mistake to skip electrical offers in this segment, such as Cyberruck Tesla and R1T Rivian.