BMW introduced the concept of the crossover Vision iNeXT

BMW introduced the concept of the crossover Vision iNeXT

November 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric concept crossover BMW Vision iNeXT got an autonomous control system.

During the special event, representatives of the Bavarian automotive brand showed a crossover concept, which was called the BMW Vision iNeXT. The car received a fully electric power plant, as well as an advanced version of the autonomous control system.

It is reported that the presented concept is sure to find a continuation in the form of a serial version of the crossover.

As planned by the management of the company, this should happen in 2021. So far it is unclear how the new model will be called.

Now a few words about the appearance of the Bavarian concept. A fully electric drone is quite similar to the current BMW X5 and BMX X6 midsize crossovers. It should be noted a huge grille in front of the car. By the way, it no longer performs any functional task, because electric grids are not needed for electric cars, so it is rather decorative.

About the power plant, as well as about the autonomous control system of the BMW Vision iNeXT, is not yet known. We note only that earlier, insiders told us that on a fully charged rechargeable battery, the novelty will be able to travel a distance of 500 km and even more.

Finally, we note that in their past interviews, the top managers of the Bavarian automaker talked about how important it is for the company to create electric and hybrid models. Great importance will be given to the development of autonomous control systems.

Not so long ago, our automotive edition became aware that the new BMW 8-Series received a package of improvements from AC Schnitzer.