BMW introduced a new version of the X1 crossover with a flow rate of 1.3 liters

BMW introduced a new version of the X1 crossover with a flow rate of 1.3 liters

March 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new version of the X1 xDrive25Le will be shown at the Shanghai Auto Show. A feature of the model will be a modern hybrid system with the ability to recharge from the network and a power reserve of up to 110 km from electric traction.

The Bavarian concern, like all global brands, seeks to occupy a leading position in the electrified segment. If all-electric models do not stand out strongly against the general background (BMW i3), then hybrids can argue with many representatives of the segment.

Now the company announced a new hybrid version of the BMW X1 xDrive25Le crossover. A feature of the model has become an optimized body structure using new materials, as well as a modern hybrid system. The basis is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, working in tandem with a six-speed “automatic”. All torque is transmitted to the front axle. A sufficiently powerful electromotor is installed on the rear axle, allowing it to provide a total power of up to 231 horsepower and 382 Nm of torque.

 A feature of the model was the use of new materials and technologies to increase the “electric” mileage BMW X1 xDrive25Le by 83 percent – up to 110 kilometers. Due to this, according to modern standards of measuring fuel consumption per 100 km of run in mixed mode, only 1.3 liters of gasoline will be spent.

Unfortunately, the release date of the model on the market and the cost is still unknown.