BMW iNext will receive a high-tech grille

BMW iNext will receive a high-tech grille

July 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian automaker has shown a radiator grill that will be used by the all-electric BMW iNext crossover from 2021.

Since the BMW iNext will be an all-electric vehicle, it doesn’t need a traditional front grille to cool the engine. However, the German automaker decided that the front panel design of the electric crossover should still be defined by the grille, although it is closed, and instead of providing any type of cooling, it will be the bearer of important technologies.

According to BMW, the iNext grille contains a variety of radars, cameras and other sensors that play a key role in making the car ready for fully autonomous driving. It was developed at the Landshut Center for Light Construction and Technology (LuTZ). BMW calls the grille the iNext “eye” and says LuTZ will produce many other innovative components for the car, including its electric drive system.

“Automated driving is a huge opportunity for Germany as an industrial facility. With future-oriented technology we create decisive competitive advantages. Especially during the ongoing transformation of our sector, our own component production in Landshut is taking on the role of an innovation hub more than ever. In addition to highly automated driving, the mobility of the future will be characterized by electric mobility and digitalization – BMW iNEXT is synonymous with all of this, ”said BMW AG Management Board Member for Procurement and Supplier Network, Dr. Andreas Wendt.

Recall that the fifth generation eDrive system will be responsible for the performance of BMW iNext, which will operate on the basis of a 530-horsepower electric motor and will be equipped with a lightweight 80 kWh battery.