BMW iNext pioneers many key automotive innovations

BMW iNext pioneers many key automotive innovations

December 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The future all-electric BMW iNext crossover is key to the brand’s development plans. The company is making huge investments in the development of the new line, and the first-born will present many new technologies.

BMW is investing 400 million euros in its factory in Dingolfing, Germany, which will produce electric cars and traditional cars. The BMW iNext and the new BMW 5-, 7- and 8-Series models will be launched on the assembly line. According to company representatives, the factory modernization project was complicated. Engineers and builders had to expand the factory floor for additional space.

 The BMW iNext will hit the market in 2021. The model will be a regular crossover in appearance. Nevertheless, inside it will be the most modern and most technologically advanced crossover in its class. The electric car will receive a third-level autonomous control system that allows you to move on the highway in automatic mode, active safety systems with the recognition of obstacles, pedestrians, signs and road markings.

 As the power unit will be used one and twin-engine layout with as yet unknown power. Details about the battery are also unknown, but the range will have to be from 450 to 600 km, depending on the configuration.

Christoph Schroeder, director of the new Dingolfing plant, said: “The BMW iNEXT is more than just a new model. He is the pioneer of many key automotive innovations, especially autonomous driving. ”

BMW, meanwhile, hired a composer to voice its electric cars and hybrids. Now electrified cars from the Bavarians will receive their own unique sound from the famous composer Hans Zimmer.