BMW i8 production reaches 20,000, but production ends

BMW i8 production reaches 20,000, but production ends

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW i8 hybrid model entered the market in 2014 at the German company plant in Leipzig. In fact, the model has become an image product, a modest urban hybrid with the design of an exclusive supercar.

The press service of the company BMW announced that the company’s plant in Leipzig produced the 20,000th copy. Production began back in 2014, but will close in April 2020. By and large, the creation of 20,000 cars in five and a half years is not an impressive achievement – even for a hybrid car.

 However, the BMW i8 is far from an ordinary hybrid car. The cost of the car starts at $ 147,500. The top equipment was presented in a limited edition of 200 copies of the BMW i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition. Now the company is preparing a farewell series Sophisto Edition.

 “The BMW i8 is a special vehicle that uniquely means driving pleasure,” said Plant Manager Hans-Peter Kemser. “We at the factory are very proud to manufacture this flagship of the BMW brand,” – the representative added.

Unfortunately, the company decided not to create a successor. Nevertheless, the brand will present many interesting new products in the segment of electric cars and hybrids.