BMW i8 hybrid became a patrol car

BMW i8 hybrid became a patrol car

November 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sport coupe BMW i8 underestimated the suspension and updated aerodynamic body kit

The German company AC Schnitzer built a patrol car based on the BMW i8 hybrid sports car. The coupe was developed as part of the TUNE IT safe tuning program! SAFE !, supported by the Association of German Tuning Companies (VDAT) and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Throughout the year, the hybrid can be booked for participation in thematic events, fairs and shows.

VDAT participants present a concept police car every year. This time AC Schnitzer chose the i8 as the most technologically advanced car in the BMW line. To start the model, the suspension was lowered by 20 millimeters, then a new set of springs was tested on the “Northern Loop” of the Nurburgring. In addition, the sports car was equipped with 21-inch forged wheels, which are 4.4 kilograms lighter than usual.

The patrol car received a new aerodynamic body kit with carbon fiber elements. It consists of a front spoiler, canards, a massive rear wing and a three-piece diffuser.

Of carbon fiber also made door handles, body side mirrors, grille parts and lining the air ducts. In the cabin appeared aluminum paddle shifters and pedals, as well as a metal lining on the controller system iDrive.

In 2015, AC Schnitzer introduced the patrol car based on the BMW X4 2.0i xDrive. The crossover got the appropriate livery, new exhaust and 22-inch wheels. Also, the all-terrain vehicle was lowered to the suspension and increased the return on the base turbo-four from 184 to 245 horsepower.