BMW i8 has become an “independent” art car

BMW i8 has become an “independent” art car

May 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The hybrid sports car BMW i8 has become an art car. However, this is not an official project of the Bavarian stamp, but the work of an independent German artist and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz. Project Shaybitsa in the company BMW recognized as successful.

The asymmetrical color scheme of the art car originally appeared on the picture of Shaibitz. Subsequently, its elements were transferred to the car. For the project, the artist took the BMW i8 from his friend Bernd Heusinger, which is why the work was named Scheibitz x Heusinger. According to the artist, he found inspiration for the design of the car in traditional sculptures, spatial perspectives, symmetry, relief and illusion.

The last official BMW art car, 18th in a row, was introduced in 2017. Above the design worked well-known Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei. The basis for the project was taken racing M6 GT3, painted in coal black color. Fully all the design elements can be seen only in a special application for the iPhone.

The history of art cars began in 1975. Since then, BMW cars in the paintings turned almost two dozen artists, including Andy Warhol.