BMW i4 electric sedan will be faster than M4 coupe

BMW i4 electric sedan will be faster than M4 coupe

May 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW is going to make the i4 electric model more productive and faster than the M4 coupe: the sedan will acquire a power unit that includes several electric motors with a total output of about 530 hp.

Contrary to tradition, the 4th series will not crown the coupe with the letter M in the index, but a sedan, and with the letter i – as Autocar informs on Sunday, May 17, relying on its sources in the Bavarian corporation, the BMW i4 electric sedan will be more dynamic than the M4 coupe.

The model should acquire a power unit of two electric motors, the total capacity of which will be approximately 530 hp. The technical specifications of the BMW M4 have not yet been disclosed – under assumptions, the coupe will acquire a 3.0-liter biturbo engine with an S58 index of about 500 hp. from the X4 M cross in the Competition variation.

┬áThe i4 electric sedan, in particular, will receive a higher torque – over 800 Nm, and, traditionally for electric cars, the maximum traction will be available to the driver immediately after pressing the right pedal. At the same time, it is not reported how much i4 will be heavier than M4 due to the battery located under the bottom, which should provide the sedan with autonomy of about 600 km per charge. Sales of the BMW i4 electric sedan should start in 2021, unless, of course, the coronavirus violates these plans.