BMW i3 electric car has received an upgraded battery

BMW i3 electric car has received an upgraded battery

August 14, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Thereby the reserve of autonomous running of the Bavarian “green” hatchback grew by 40%.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially certified electric car BMW i3 2017 model year, able to overcome 183 km on a fully charged battery. For comparison, the current version of the hatchback is able to travel on a single charge is just 130 kilometers. That is, the autonomous travel distance increase is about 40%.

Optimize the structure of the cells with an additional volume of the electrolyte and the active materials, BMW together with Samsung SDI was able to increase the capacity of the battery up to 94 Ah and power supply of up to 33 kWh of which can effectively be used 29 kWh. Similar rates the battery capacity of 60 Ah up 22/19 kWh.

At the same time the new batteries have the same dimensions and to integrate them into the model required minimum design refinement. In particular, the general body of the electric vehicle is not subjected to structural changes.

Increased power reserve stimulates the growth of sales of the Bavarian electric vehicles. Last month in the United States Germans sold almost fifteen hundred BMW i3, which is 58% more compared to the same period last year.

The updated model is available to order in the North American market. Exact pricing has not yet been published, but earlier, BMW announced that i3 base cost with an upgraded battery will rise to $ 1,200, and will be about $ 44,595.