BMW i Hydrogen Next: BMW X5 with hydrogen fuel cells

BMW i Hydrogen Next: BMW X5 with hydrogen fuel cells

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian company is not going to lag behind global concerns in green technology. In Frankfurt, a special version of the BMW X5 crossover with hydrogen fuel cells was introduced. Characteristics are not yet called.

The 2019 Frankfurt Automobile Salon is sponsored by green technology in the automotive segment. BMW is not far behind other manufacturers and introduced its most popular crossover in a new image. A concept called BMW i Hydrogen Next is a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Its design immediately hints at environmental friendliness, which is emphasized by blue inserts on the radiator grille, a special design and the absence of exhaust pipes. The model is based on the current version of the BMW X5, and is preparing for mass production. True, only a limited series in 2022 has been announced, which will not go on sale. All cars will be sold or presented to selected brand customers.

Unfortunately, specifications are not yet called. BMW noted that hydrogen technology well complements the electrified line of cars. And their main advantage is a quick refueling (at the level of ordinary cars with ICE), as well as a power reserve that does not depend on air temperature.

Depending on the potential demand and capabilities of the brand, the BMW X5 I Hydrogen may appear as a production car, but only in 2025.