BMW hired a composer to voice their electric cars and hybrids

BMW hired a composer to voice their electric cars and hybrids

November 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Now electrified cars from the Bavarians will receive their own unique sound from the famous composer Hans Zimmer. Of the last known works – the films “Beginning” and “Interstellar”.

BMW has decided to add uniqueness to its electric cars and hybrids. The first experience was held as part of the creation of the Vision M Next concept. Composer Hans Zimmer created a unique “soundtrack” voicing the effect of acceleration and deceleration of an electric car. Now, the well-known creator of soundtracks and voice acting will begin to work on other electrified cars.

Hans Zimmer will create a whole collection of sounds for BMW under the brand name BMW IconicSounds Electric. Apparently, car owners will be able to independently install their favorite soundtrack. It is still unknown whether they will be available for free, or whether it will be possible to select one of them from the library for an additional payment.

 This composer is well known for his work on cult films. In his assets, one can note the Oscar nomination for the soundtrack for the film “Rain Man” in 1988, three awards at once (Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy) for the soundtrack for the cartoon “The Lion King”. He also worked on the films Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Madagascar, The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan, as well as Chauffeur Miss Daisy.

The timing of the creation of the music collection has not yet been announced.