BMW helps drivers avoid speeding tickets

BMW helps drivers avoid speeding tickets

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new BMW feature prevents drivers from exceeding the speed limit. You will have to pay extra for it.

BMW recently released its largest wireless software update, adding features such as Android Auto, improved navigation, and connected parking and charging. The German automaker is also testing some additional subscription features that customers can add after purchasing their vehicle.

For example, if a customer lives in a warmer climate but moves to a colder location, they can unlock the heated seats for an additional fee. Or, if the driver wants to get around the city comfortably every day, he can add adaptive cruise control. Now BMW is working on a new feature that could help BMW drivers avoid speeding tickets. For a fee, owners can receive photo and video trap alerts that will be displayed on the control panel.

As with other BMW optional extras, owners will have to sign up for speed trap alerts rather than making a one-time payment. With subscription enabled, the car warns drivers when the police are trying to measure their speed.

The system is different from Waze or Google Maps, which use user-marked locations to warn of speed traps. Instead, BMW’s system relies on built-in radars and laser detectors, as well as a nationwide network of fixed and mobile motion cameras. This feature is based on the know-how of Here Technologies, a company that BMW acquired several years ago in conjunction with Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

It’s unclear in which countries and BMW models this feature will be available. Presumably, new models such as the 2021 BMW M4 and other 2021 models with iDrive 7 operating system and Live Professional Cockpit will receive this feature.