BMW has released the largest software update

BMW has released the largest software update

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian automaker is releasing the largest ever wireless software update. 750,000 vehicles will very soon receive the latest version of BMW 7 operating system, which will bring some interesting news.

It may be normal for Tesla owners to do this software update, but BMW’s 07/20 “OS 7” version not only affects a large number of vehicles, but also brings a lot of important things.

The update, which BMW says is the largest ever released by a European manufacturer, will kick off with Android Auto. BMW has long resisted Google’s phone assistant, although it already offered Apple Carplay, but now the Germans have recognized Android Auto and are immediately offering it with Google Maps navigation tips on the dashboard and head-up display. These navigation directions are now also possible when using Apple Maps via Apple Carplay.

Meanwhile, BMW’s own maps have also been updated. According to BMW, the navigation system offers “a whole new navigation experience.” First, it has become faster and has gained a number of advantages. BMW Maps, for example, are capable of collecting and using information in real time so that the vehicle can better guide the driver in traffic jams. Finding destinations is now easier, faster, and comparable to what people are used to from search engines, so in many cases, entering a single keyword should already be enough.

EDrive Zones is now available specifically for plug-in hybrids. This ensures that the vehicle automatically switches to all-electric mode wherever required. This already works in 90 European cities, but there will undoubtedly be many more. Also new is Connected Parking, which helps drivers find a parking space and know if it’s free. The system even takes into account the size of the car in order to assess whether this particular model can fit in the selected location. The service works similarly to find charging points.

According to the press service of the German brand, the voice control has also been improved and expanded, and the electric trunk has more adjustment options.

The BMW 7 operating system has been shipping since 2018. The latest version has been available in new BMWs since July. 750,000 owners can expect their cars to be updated soon and will find out soon enough via push notifications in the car and in the app. The update is free, installation will take about 20 minutes.