BMW has released the first video about the new BMW Vision M

BMW has released the first video about the new BMW Vision M

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW Vision iNext has enough autonomy to provide a variety of actions.

BMW has found an interesting way to draw attention to the autonomous driving of its Vision iNext concept: an advertisement that clearly implies that it allows you to do anything in a moving car. Well, now we know that this means that BMW goes beyond Level 2 (driver input is needed) in the concept of self-driving technology.

The slogan of the advertising clip is “A space where everything can be done easily” and “New moments of joy”, and it combines the lights from what looks like a dance club, where the couple begins their “moment of joy” merged with the flashing lights of a passing police car, passing by Vision iNext, without visible human silhouettes. If you want to know the difference between today’s Level 2 autonomous driving technology and the next generation technology in iNEXT, that pretty much explains it all.

The BMW Vision iNEXT is a preview of the all-electric crossover that BMW plans to build at its Dingolfing plant in Germany starting in 2021. BMW wants the production version of Vision iNext to become the flagship of the company’s new technology.

At the moment, the implications of this announcement are pretty obvious. BMW is going to make the auto-drive car so safe that you can take off your seat belt and more, and possibly everything else inside. This is a huge difference from how automakers today implement their self-driving technologies, full of warnings about the need to keep your hands on the wheel and always be careful. BMW’s disclaimer regarding the autonomous capabilities of its current vehicles suggests that these features “do not replace the driver’s own responsibility. Due to the road, traffic and visibility conditions, the driver decides whether to use the system and how. ”