BMW has released the final instance of the i8 hybrid supercar

BMW has released the final instance of the i8 hybrid supercar

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The serial production of the i8 hybrid supercar is coming to an end – the latest instance of the shocking model (i8 roadster with Portimao Blue body color) was released at the Bavarian brand’s factory.

We knew this would happen, so we cannot say that we are surprised that BMW announces the discontinuation of the serial production of the i8. In fact, the hybrid sports car with a plug-in electrical module was supposed to reach the end of production back in April, but the company’s management plans were revised because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So, the last instance of the hybrid car was the roadster, which received the body color of Portimao Blue, which, according to our friends from BMWBLOG, may be the only i8 ever painted from the factory in this shade. Since the electrified model was introduced for about six years, 20,500 cars have rolled off the assembly line.

Despite the fact that we can trace the roots of the BMW i8 design back to 2009, when the Vision EfficientDynamics concept was introduced, its avant-garde design still exudes a futuristic atmosphere more than ten years later.

Although the commercial success of the model cannot be called very great, the hybrid model was considered the flagship of the automaker in terms of the number of technologies. From the carbon fiber passenger compartment to the laser headlights, the i8 was undoubtedly an amazing car.

Despite the fact that a direct replacement for the model is not planned, the development and implementation of hybrid technologies, acquired during the i8 life cycle, allowed BMW to realize its plans for the electrification of its model range.