BMW has no plans to sell 2021 M8 as coupe and convertible

BMW has no plans to sell 2021 M8 as coupe and convertible

August 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Cars with a different body type will take their place. However, it is possible that new two-door items may appear in the future.

German premium car maker BMW has revealed plans to sell its M8 supercar in the US market. Initially, the start of sales of new cars of the 2021 model year in coupe and convertible bodies was announced. However, these plans had to be postponed. Such a message on Thursday, August 13, was shared by the press service of the German brand. The coupe and convertible will be replaced by 2020 cars with four doors. This is due to the presence of a stock of new cars from dealers, which did not have time to sell due to a decrease in demand for cars this year.

There is no information yet whether the BMW M8 will appear in coupe and convertible bodies in the future. On the one hand, sales were planned and such cars will find their customers, but at the same time, the massive demand for cars with this type of body is constantly decreasing. By the end of 2019, BMW dealers were able to sell 4,410 M8s in the USA. Thus, American buyers can look forward to the BMW M8 four-door coupe, which starts at $ 130,000.

BMW M840i and M850i ​​remaining in warehouses will also be sold in the USA.