BMW has equipped a prototype 7-Series autopilot fourth level

BMW has equipped a prototype 7-Series autopilot fourth level

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With such an autonomous driving system, the driver practically does not require constant monitoring of the car. At the fourth level, you can finally relax and trust in electronics, but only on certain categories of roads.

SAE standards describe six levels of autopilot systems, ranging from the absolute lack of autonomous control to a fully automated system. The other day, the German company BMW introduced the world community with a new business sedan equipped with a fourth-level autonomous driving system. A car with such an autopilot can handle most road conditions on its own and does not require constant monitoring by the driver. According to preliminary data, this autopilot is currently being tested on the BMW 7-Series.

Access to the car and authentication is carried out through the personal smartphone of the car owner, provided that it has the necessary application. With this program you can not only call the car, but also manage it.

 Passengers will be able to relax in the back seats and enjoy the trip, which can be realized with one prerequisite: everyone should be wearing seat belts. Otherwise, the car simply does not move. To control the car has a special tablet on the center console. A more pleasant and comfortable trip will make a modern information and entertainment system.

It is reported that the model shown is just a prototype. However, it has already been officially confirmed that the Bavarian brand is developing more advanced semi-autonomous technologies of the second level, which include an adaptive cruise control system that can automatically stop cars at a red traffic light.