BMW has developed a flying drone design

BMW has developed a flying drone design

May 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The device works on hydrogen fuel cells.

The American company Alaka’i Technologies presented the world’s first vertical take-off and landing aircraft operating on hydrogen fuel cells. The drone is called Skai, and its design is a merit of the Designworks innovative development studio, part of the BMW Group.

Designworks specialists developed the general Skai architecture, and were also responsible for the layout of the main components – including the location of three hydrogen fuel cells. The tank holds 200 or 400 liters of liquid hydrogen, which is used to power six electric motors in external rotors. In total, they give out 100 kilowatts and accelerate Skai to 190 kilometers per hour.

In the air, the unit, designed for four people in a manned mode or for five in a stand-alone mode, can spend up to four hours – with a reserve tank this figure is more than 10 hours. Without refueling Skai will fly 645 kilometers. He does not need a special infrastructure: for takeoff and landing, you can use the rooftops or parking. In case of failure of the power plant, the drone has a parachute.

Previously, A³ division of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus showed the second full-size demo of a single flying taxi Vahana Alpha Two. This unit is as close as possible to the serial version and is intended for the study of interior design.