BMW has decided to apologize for the previously published message

BMW has decided to apologize for the previously published message

November 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A few hours ago, the Bavarian company BMW published a post on the social network Twitter, in which it apologizes for its earlier “tweet”. The company notes that it did not want to offend anyone.

Misunderstandings on social media are not new, especially in the auto industry. A prime example of this is the recent situation with the Bavarian BMW that happened this week. In light of the launch of the BMW iX flagship electric vehicle, the Munich-based automaker has received criticism, mainly from die-hard fans, regarding the direction of the brand.

“Okay, Boomer. And for what reason are you not changing? ” Those were BMW’s exact words in their recent Twitter post that was posted on November 16, 2020. This was in response to criticism, in particular to this message: “Go back to BMW production.”

BMW received more criticism for this reaction, of course primarily because the phrase used was a blow to age discrimination. For the uninitiated, “Okay, Boomer” is a slang meme that is often used to insult older people who find it difficult to keep up with modernity, so it can represent the opposite thinking amid development and progress.

As you can see from the embedded tweet above, BMW apologized for the meme slang two days later.

“No matter how old you are, we can hear you. Sorry we weren’t going to insult anyone with meme slang. The road to the new world of mobility is a thorny one, but we hope that you will join us on this journey, “the official statement reads.

This is not the first time BMW has made a similar mistake on a social network. Back in March, when the coronavirus pandemic began, the automaker used messages about the coronavirus to promote the i8 hybrid supercar via Twitter. The company deleted a previously posted tweet after receiving negative feedback on it, followed by an apology.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the new BMW M5 CS will receive 635 hp. and will debut in December. The high-performance German novelty, which will receive a powerful 635-horsepower engine and lose 70 kg in weight, will be officially presented in December this year. The BMW M5 CS will be slightly more powerful than the BMW M5 Competition.