BMW has announced a unique scanner for cars

BMW has announced a unique scanner for cars

July 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The development of a modern car is a complex set of measures that also includes road tests and checking the impact of operation on the body and its safety. Moreover, the diagnostic systems of test prototypes are being improved. BMW for these purposes has developed a tomograph.

The Bavarian company is an innovator in many industries. What are only her BMW X5 and X6 models that have become the first successful models in their segment. But the company successfully develops not only the design of cars, it is also deservedly considered the leading manufacturer of unique automotive technologies that are used not only on the final product, but also in the process of its production.

And modern cars use a wide variety of materials that need to be interconnected. It is the joints that are the weakest point in the body. To diagnose the quality of welded, threaded and glued joints it is now necessary to disassemble a test prototype of a car, and more often, it is required to use a saw for metal.

To accelerate, improve, and also optimize the study of serial and test prototypes, the first robotized tomograph was built in the history of the automotive industry. He has already begun work on the pilot production of the BMW Innovation Center in Munich. This is not the first robotic device used at the BMW plant, two years ago a robotic complex was introduced, measuring the control points on the body of the test prototypes.

The new device consists of four robots working in pairs. On one the emitter is mounted, and the robot pairing to it holds the receiver. Thus, having the ability to move the X-ray, the automated system is able to create a 3D model of the car in sections up to micron layers.

This allows you to control the condition of materials, their joints, and even paintwork without disassembly. According to the representatives of the company, the introduction of such a system will speed up the development of new models, and also greatly facilitate the introduction of new technologies and materials.

Of course, there were some difficulties. Engineers and designers have to manually view the model of the car in all planes to monitor the condition of the body. Now we are developing artificial intelligence, which will independently process images.

The facility was created in cooperation with the Fraunhofer X-ray Research Center (EZRT). Its development took two years.