BMW has announced a car with an innovative battery

BMW has announced a car with an innovative battery

April 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW Group announces the development of new high-voltage batteries. They will be powerful, effective, safe and recyclable and reusable.

We are talking about solid-state batteries with a higher volumetric energy density than modern lithium-ion cells, and even more safety.

The first demonstration car of the BMW Group with new generation batteries will be presented until 2025, and by the end of this decade, this technology will be used in series production models of the concern.

The BMW Neue Klasse model lineup will receive 6th generation eDrive powertrains with improved lithium-ion batteries.

The progress achieved can be assessed by comparing the batteries in the BMW i3 and BMW iX3. The proportion of cobalt used has dropped from 33% to 10%. And to minimize the consumption of primary natural resources, the latest BMW iX uses up to 50% recycled nickel.