BMW GS Trophy 2020 will be held in New Zealand

BMW GS Trophy 2020 will be held in New Zealand

February 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW GS Trophy is a well-known event that offers amateur participants a unique opportunity to have fun, test themselves and realize what the BMW R1200GS is really capable of. The next event will be held in 2020 in New Zealand, where teams representing many countries will gather.

The BMW GS Trophy was first held in 2008 in Tunisia. Since then, every two years, teams of amateur racers owning a BMW R1200GS are competing against each other. The event is not a typical race, but more like a team competition, as participants are asked to perform many team tests. The skills and ability to work in a team are important, not personal speed.

In the BMW GS Trophy can not take part anyone who wants. Qualifying competitions are held in each participating country. In 2020, 19 teams representing 30 countries will participate, and an international women’s team will be formed.

In the past, the event was held in Mongolia, Thailand, Canada and South Africa. BMW GS Trophy 2020 will be held in New Zealand. It is not known at the moment which motorcycles will be available: only R1250GS or R1200GS ?!