BMW Group continues to expand electric charging network

BMW Group continues to expand electric charging network

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian concern intends to expand its own network of electric charges in Germany. Over the next two years, it is planned to install about 4,100 new terminals. Charging for BMW employees is offered at discounted rates.

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular all over the world, therefore the expansion of infrastructure is a very acute issue. The BMW Group plans to expand the German infrastructure of electric vehicle charging points by 4,100 units by 2021. In addition, the company is going to give free access for some of them to everyone, and BMW employees will be able to charge their electric cars at discounted rates.

 Klaus Fröhlich, Head of Research and Development at BMW, commented on the plans: “A good charging station infrastructure is an important part of the promotion of electrified vehicles. That’s why the BMW Group is systematically investing in expanding the charging infrastructure in Germany. ”

 New charging stations will be installed in the capital and suburbs of Munich, as well as at BMW’s facilities and in the nearest cities: Berlin, Regensburg, Landshut, Leipzig, Wackersdorf and Dingolfing. Basically, stations with a capacity of up to 11 kW will be installed. In some places it is planned to install fast DC charges with a capacity of up to 50 kW.

BMW expects that by 2021, a quarter of the cars sold in Europe will be electric. By 2025, this share will increase to one third, and in 2030, sales of electric cars will increase to half of the total volume of new BMWs.

Meanwhile, the BMW X8 may be introduced next year. There is no official information yet, but insiders have provided some details.