BMW electric crossover featured trim

BMW electric crossover featured trim

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The model name is not yet known. The company will probably call the i5 or iNEXT crossover. In the meantime, BMW is engaged in testing the model, which helped to get the first photo of the crossover from the inside.

BMW i5 (or iNEXT) is hidden under camouflage. However, you can see thin front LED lights that are reminiscent of the i8 style, the roofline, which comes down to the rear, as well as the overall shape of the model, indicating family resemblance in line i.

The first image of the dashboard shows that the trim will echo the BMW i3 and X5. The steering wheel has a small diamond-shaped emblem, the blue color of which indicates that the model belongs to an electrified ruler.

The premiere of the new crossover is expected closer to 2021. However, the online presentation can take place much earlier.