BMW does not plan to refuse sedans

BMW does not plan to refuse sedans

April 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Conventional cars will replenish the Bavarian brand’s Sports Activity Vehicle lineup.

BMW, the brand, arguably the best-known for its world’s best sports sedans, is experiencing a bit of a cultural shift in the modern market. SUVs such as the X3, X5 and X6 are quickly becoming almost as popular as BMW sedans. But this does not mean that the brand is abandoning the segment whose development it has determined. This was told in an interview by the chief designer of the brand Domaga Dyukek.

Speaking about the future of the brand, Duqueck compared BMW crossovers (which he calls “Sports Activity Vehicles”) with “everyday architecture”, and his sedans are more like “elegant architecture”. The top manager notes that customers in China and other parts of the world prefer a more “elegant architecture” while avoiding American-style cars. In addition, many buyers in these regions prefer sedans, in which the space is divided into sections for the engine, passengers and cargo. On the other hand, American and European customers value the flexibility and versatility that an open-concept SUV provides.

At the same time, despite the fact that the company is still investing in the production of four-door sedans, Dukek admitted that in order to maintain relevance, it will be necessary to change the styling of the body. In a conversation with Autoblog, the designer said that BMW’s Chinese clientele requires a more elegant style, which could be one of the explanations for the brand’s smooth window openings and a steeper rear window recently. The latest BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe and 4-Series Gran Coupe (which has a hatchback) have already received a new design. We expect similar design elements from future BMW four-door sedans.