BMW does not plan to act in the new class WEC

BMW does not plan to act in the new class WEC

December 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The team leader said that they do not plan to make their debut in the WEC hypercar class because they lack the right car and interest in these races, reports the publication Motosport.

In 2020, the current class of racing competitions LMP1 will replace the new one, with prototypes stylized as road hypercars. Some teams are considering their participation or are already preparing for the race for endurance, but BMW Motosport after the updated regulations are not going to act in the new race.

Team boss Jens Marquardt said that this summer, BMW representatives took part in the discussion and the formation of rules for the class of hypercars, but nothing more is not behind this.

They are now focused on the GTE Pro class at WEC, the results of which completely satisfy them. Also with the North American IMSA Championship. “We get the right marketing return by promoting the M8,” says Marquardt.

 In addition, he noted that the Bavarian company currently does not have the necessary road cars, which could be presented as a hypercar for WEC.

In the meantime, the management of Formula 1 suggested that fans choose an alternative to the usual fines. The survey is relevant on the championship website.