BMW decided to completely abandon minivans

BMW decided to completely abandon minivans

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Active Tourer 2 Series minivans (5 seats) and Gran Tourer (7 seats) will not receive their new generations. Instead, the Bavarian company will try to transfer minivan lovers to crossovers.

With a front-wheel-drive platform, 3-cylinder engines and a body of a minivan, the 2nd series in a 5-seat Active Tourer and 7-seater Gran Tourer is not the most popular BMW model. While small luxury minivans are not new to the current car market, given that Mercedes has been selling the B-class since 2005, the Bavarians began to develop this segment only in 2014. But nevertheless, instead of another minivan, the company Mercedes introduced another compact crossover GLB.

 BMW Vice President of Product Management Peter Henrich says that the 2nd Active Tourer Series and Gran Tourer Series will not receive new generations.

 Speaking to Autocar journalists, he explained that these two MPVs (minivans) are “not in the center of what our brand means”, adding that BMW will try to transfer fans of these models to large and roomy crossovers.

He also noted that Active Tourer and Gran Tourer had brought new buyers to the BMW brand, but still they would not receive a direct replacement, at least in the foreseeable future. You can still purchase them for a couple of years – these minivans were only updated last year. At the end of 2017, the sales of these cars fell to 85,255 units, and in 2018 – to 68,367. So far this year, demand has decreased compared to January-April 2018, so it is easy to understand why MPVs have ceased to be so important for a company like a few years ago.

 How can BMW convince customers to change from minivans to crossovers? One of the likely scenarios is to follow the Mercedes path and add an extra row to the crossover X1 for the third generation model. This will take some time, since the entry-level crossover was updated less than a month ago, so the replacement should not be made for another 2-3 years.

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