BMW, Daimler, Ford and VW showed how their electro stations will look like

BMW, Daimler, Ford and VW showed how their electro stations will look like

March 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The consortium of automakers BMW Group, Daimler AG, Volkswagen and Ford introduced the design of its own network of Ionity charging stations, which it is planned to deploy along the main European highways. Each complex will feature a floating roof and simple structures with an open bright space.

The basis of the charging station will be a light box mounted on a vertical pylon. It is expected that at night it will act as a kind of lighthouse. A feature of the electric stations will be a combination of “flat surfaces, intelligent interfaces and light materials.”

The consortium plans to open 400 charging stations with a capacity of 350 kilowatts. The first 20 complexes have earned in the past year, another 100 have been built before the end of 2018. Completion of the network is planned until 2020.

Now the largest network of charging systems for electric vehicles belongs to Tesla. Their total number is 1130. There are 8496 stations in their territory.

The development of a line of electric models by major manufacturers is associated with the requirements of the European Union for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. By 2021, the average for the model line should not be more than 95 grams per kilometer, which corresponds to a consumption of 4.1 liters for gasoline and 3.6 liters for diesel vehicles.